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VTSS Investor Forum


What kinds of topics can I post?

Any topic that is relevant to the VTSS. Above all be nice. Some examples of topics may include:

  • Earnings
  • Management changes
  • Technology updates

What are tags and how do they work?

Tags are short words that describe the topic. For example, a topic about earnings might be tagged with the following short words: earnings and 4th quarter. Tags make things easier to filter and search.

How does voting work?

You must create an account to vote. Once you login, you can vote topics and replies +1 up or -1 down. Vote things up if they are on topic. Vote things down if they are not helpful, rude, or abusive. Interesting topics will become popular and will be visible from the popular tab.

Spam or inappropriate flags?

Any topic or reply can be flagged as spam or inappropriate. Use these flags only if the post is offensive or clearly spam. If a post is flagged by enough users it will be removed.