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VTSS Investor Forum

Letter to Chris Gardner

5 Votes
13 Replies

First of all, my thanks to you dlog and those others who continue to keep this alive. I've been lurking ...

Posted by Colin - 18 years ago

Last Post: 17 years ago

U.S. vs. Tomasetta and Hovanec

2 Votes
11 Replies ...

Posted by sharpinvestments - 17 years ago

Last Post: 17 years ago

Kopp Has Been Buying

1 Votes
2 Replies ...

Posted by phobos - 13 years ago

Last Post: 13 years ago

Raging Capital's strategy

1 Votes
6 Replies

Raging Capital now owns 17.6% of the company as far as outstanding shares are concerned. They have also acquired $8.6M ...

Posted by sharpinvestments - 14 years ago

Last Post: 14 years ago

Show up and voice displeasure at shareholder meeting

1 Votes
17 Replies

This record of broken promises has gone on way too long. Shame on us, the shareholders (bagholders) for not being ...

Posted by sharpinvestments - 16 years ago

Last Post: 16 years ago

Matt Millen

1 Votes
21 Replies

For non football folks, Matt Millen was the former president/general manager of the Detroit Lions.....and given the 31-97 won/loss record ...

Posted by altrfan - 17 years ago

Last Post: 17 years ago

AVNR - Research update - more optimism

1 Votes
1 Replies

I'm just keeping those of us in AVNR up to date with a research statement by Ludlow Capital. They project ...

Posted by thor95 - 17 years ago

Last Post: 17 years ago

A Reason to Hope?

1 Votes
8 Replies

I had to ask myself after the last CC why, after years of not providing guidance, would VTSS suddenly change ...

Posted by Satbob - 17 years ago

Last Post: 17 years ago


1 Votes
10 Replies

Global chips sales rose 1.8% in august from July, according to the semiconductor industry association; Sales were driven by PCs ...

Posted by GARIF - 17 years ago

Last Post: 17 years ago

My letter to LaRosa (copy to Rogas)

1 Votes
7 Replies

If I get a response, I'll be shocked. But like Colin, it made me feel better ...

Posted by sharpinvestments - 18 years ago

Last Post: 18 years ago