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Voting results....

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Voting results from the annual meeting were released. Similar to last one, kinda Wiley noted, ~90% of shares were voted. BDO was highest, getting 99% in favor with only 28k votes abstaining/non-votes. The rest was a different matter. Employee options fared the worst in terms of 'yes' votes, the highest amount of 'no' votes.

For directors, once again broker non-votes carried the day with 11.49 million (over 50% of votes cast) compared to the rest. A vote of not much confidence in the BOD. Interestingly, CRG recieived fewer 'no' votes than Fast Eddie or Hanson. Perhaps CRG was against all the stupid decisions that were made over the last several years, but as an employee really did do his best to make things work....

Posted by altrfan - 17 years ago | Updated 17 years ago


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