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For What It's Worth

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I can never predict how bad VTSS will screw up. At any rate, a few optimistic points:

1.) Cash increased by $1.5 million
2.) Assuming CG made a softball projection on revenue, $42 million will get us to operating earnings of $.11 for Q4, annualized, $.44 and a 12 multiple gets you to $5.30.
3.) This non-cash gain/loss item on the debt conversion seems to be troubling some people. I wouldn't pay attention to it either way. If anything, the recent loss in PPS value should be a tax benefit as shown this quarter.
4.) The cash position will allow VTSS to take out WB in 2011 and lower ineterst expense.
5.) Any remaining cash, and financial improvement, could be used to secure a more traditional debt facility to payoff some or all of the BH's.

So buck up little campers!

Posted by matt38 - 15 years ago


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seems like we are taken over the cliff everytime any type of results are expected, good or bad. just hope the new hires will be beneficial in promoting marketshare. The yahoo board seems to have more optimistic views than pessimistic ones which is nice to see for a change or is it just an excuse for our management teams inability to run a company. Once again, I am looking for reasons to remain upbeat but when does one stop to realize that this management team will never get it right. After next quarter results? update: just checked the yahoo board and i now see a board full of pessimism. so much for change

Posted by christ3opher - 15 years ago | Updated 15 years ago

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here are some interesting numbers. MSPD and VTSS.

Both are on the same fiscal year, end of september. Here are the revenue numbers for the 9 months both have reported (this is product revenue).

MSPD - $120.6 million.
VTSS - $122.8 million

Both VTSS and MSPD are guiding to revenue in the september quarter of about $42-$43 million. that puts them both with revenues of very close to $165 million for the year.

last years revenue (full year) for MSPD was $121.5 million.
Last years revenue (full Year) for VTSS was $154.9 million.

Expected growth for fiscal year 2010:

MSPD +35%
VTSS + 6%

market cap of MSPD $240 million
market cap of VTSS $100 millions (about)

VTSS has got to show some growth.
If VTSS hits the September target it will be sequential growth of 12% or more. If that happens it may be the first quarter VTSS leads the group in sequential growth. So maybe there is hope. But to this point we have been long on hope and very short on delivery.

Posted by dlog - 15 years ago

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