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Vitesse needs a spokesperson

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Someone who can represent the values shown by Vitesse the last few years. Someone who can relate to the product lineup. The growl of Jaguar.....Someone who knows it is a Jungle Out There.....

Someone with Tiger Blood flowing thru them......

Charlie Sheen is our man. I heard he is available.

Posted by altrfan - 14 years ago


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He could bring all of his porn star girlfriends to these chip conventions to work the Vitesse booth. That might even snap Yonker back to life.


Posted by sharpinvestments - 14 years ago

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I do not believe that the question below has anything to do with Vitesse needing a spokesperson. Not sure that this has anything to merit its own heading.

Yahoo has a Friday afterhours shareprice of VTSS closing at $4.37.
While the last trade is listed at $5.13 (4:00 close)
a .06 gain for the day.

$4.37 shows a .76 sell off that occured afterhours!

There is a NA showing for the Bid.
while there is a $5.63 X3500 showing for the Ask.

Anyone know if this $4.37 has any significant meaning?
A mistake?
If anything, guess we will know at 9:30 on Monday morning.

Update: 8:30 AM

I will have to guess that there is alot of manipulation going on to successfully attempt to grab as many shares as possible, as cheap as possible.

the Bid and Ask are now back to a more normal range.

I apologize to altrfan for contaminating his post.

Posted by christ3opher - 14 years ago | Updated 14 years ago

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