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predictions, predictions??

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I expect minimum of 2 IP deals to be reported closed, even if the company ends up bending a little more than it would have liked. The protracted deal should be one of the 2.

Revenue should be closer to 29M
MEF deals should blow the lid off...

less than two days to go, should be interesting! lets have popcorn and sodas ready but always keep a box of kleenex not so far away.

May the force be with us.


Posted by GARIF - 11 years ago


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I think all they have to do is make the $27M target to show that they're on track, and what was quoted in "Lightreading" was some idle speculation taken out of context. Anything above $27M is gravy. It would be nice to see the long-predicted IP revenue become a reality, especially if it is from one of the new markets that make up the internet of things (automotive, appliances, industrial, etc.). VTSS, even with the dilution going to "Fat Andy", still has a very few shares in the market with most of those accounted for by institutions and insiders. If there is good news tomorrow, then demand for VTSS' shares could send valuations way up, particularly now with the balance sheet greatly improved thanks to the additional cash on the books.

Of course, we've all been here before too.

The very last thing I want to hear tomorrow is about "softness in China" from Gardner. It's been almost seven years since the great debacle - the time for the turnaround is now!

Posted by phobos - 11 years ago

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I guess I am wearing out but my expectations are very low, basically more of the same. Revenue in the december quarter projected at $28 million plus or minus 1-2 million. Talk about revenue ramping "in the last half of the year." I am all but certain this will be a theme. It has been every one of the past 5+ years. If we had a tenth of the revenue that was supposed "to ramp at the end of the year" we would be in a much better position.

More talk about all the wonderful design wins and debt restructuring (which was conducted much better than last time) and the interest savings because of the debt restructuring. Maybe a little about new products but not much here.

Pretty boring.

I hope I am way wrong. All we need is some reason to believe and all the talk in the world from Gardner will not provide that. Give us one number, just one that will give us some reason to dream. . . .please . . . . just one. And it would be especially nice if it were revenue.

Posted by dlog - 11 years ago

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I don't expect much either- Revs in the $ 27mil range, the usual great design wins, hopefully a little IP revenue, cut operating costs, but the usual softness in China, and the classic "We are starting to gain traction".

He will hopefully emphasize the debt restructuring and please give some positive forward Revs outlook.

Posted by Techinvestor - 11 years ago

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