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Sale of patents

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i have seen a number of articles in the past 6 weeks about large companies paying big dollars buying patents just to ward off patent lawsuits. here is one about Google.

Last night I was reading the footnotes of the June 30, 2011 10Q and noticed in managements discussion of revenue a mention of "Intellectual property and the sale of patents" as possible revenue sources. I am not sure if that is just boiler plate language or does VTSS have some patents it could sell? Could this be a source of cash to pay down or entirely defray the debt (I think I have entered LaLa land here. But it would be nice.)

Posted by dlog - 14 years ago


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interesting article in WSJ this morning about the firing of YAHOO CEO. hopefully this link works

She was there 2-3 years.

a couple of quotes: "There wasn't any lightning bolt here. There was just a series of not reaching performance targets."

The last line of the article quotes a board member "Every week and month you assess the CEO. And at some point you just say 'This is not going to work.'"

Posted by dlog - 14 years ago | Updated 14 years ago

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Hi Dlog,

Thanks for your recent postings as always.

One should never try and compare apples to oranges or as in this case, apples to a rotting head of cabbage, as the two are mutually exclusive events.

Clearly, since Yahoo is a fairly well known company/stock their BOD is a bit more "inspired", if you will, to seek some sort of action that will benefit the SH.

In the case of VTSS, we are dealing with a zombie company/stock/BOD that clearly has done whatever the fuck it has wanted to do for 5+ years’ now . . . so look for it to continue until every last dime as been stripped from the company and the "final flush" no longer leaves skid marks on the bowl! At that point in time it will finally be over, and not until then.


Posted by G - 14 years ago

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G and friends lets not continue seeing the glass half empty! Is it not better to retain your pattens and focus more on the "IP" route?? I believe two more deals were signed in Q3.

The company seems to believe the internal investments of the last few years will allow it to divorce WB and still put some money in the bank.
I like the sense of normal that's developing at Vitesse, the desperation of the past seems to be just that, THE PAST. If opportunity for patten sale avails itself, Vitesse will act with its whole interest in mind.

"Our IT pipeline continues to strengthen. We have many active new opportunities for licensing of our intellectual property and we expect this business to continue in the range of 4% to 6% of our total revenue on an annualized basis."

Glass half full!!!!!!


Posted by GARIF - 14 years ago

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