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KOPP Averages Down, Adds SC 13D/A on 1/10/14

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Kopp Investment Advisors continues to add to his sharebase.

SC 13D/A filed on January 10, 2014

Kopp added 752,919 shares. all shares bought within the mid-$2.00 all the way up to a high purchase of $3.31 share.

as of 1/3/14 Kopp has spent a total of $29,329,935.94 on his shares. now holding a total of 4,731,067 shares, bringing his cost per share down to just over $6 a share.

Listed as an 8% owner

Kopp has all of his share purchases listed in the SC 13D/A and by the dates proves to be one of the participants in this latest run up over $3 share.

Posted by christ3opher - 12 years ago | Updated 12 years ago


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Posted by phobos - 12 years ago

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Kopp is one of the long-time bagholders. If I have any criticism of them, I wish they were a more proactive shareholder, trying to affect change to benefit everyone.

I'm sure their concern is even if a buyout comes some day, they need to get their average price per share down (which they are doing) in case of buyout with small premium as witnessed by Tellabs (TLAB) buyout at $ 2.45/ share, only a 4 % premium to current price.

Posted by Techinvestor - 12 years ago

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We are still 99% self serving creatures! the "US" first mentality still evades mankind. I am in my mid 50's, my hopes were to see us mature to a higher level in my life time, sadly i see us being more animalistic than ever in history.

The Fukushima incident a perfect example! the builders were more concerned about their bottom line, than the greater safety, as according to experts 5 million bucks in safeguard could have prevented the biggest catastrophe of our life time.

Today nearly every person walking and to come will pay a price for the indiscretions of people whom he/we will never meet but who have impacted mankind profoundly! ALL TO SAVE A FEW BUCKS!!! OR LINE THEIR POCKETS take your pick, the point is we all loose.

I asked on this forum, could CRg have purposely under called the upcoming quarter?? I blamed the question on cynicism that life has infused in my blood from years of observing my fellow men. Stock did drop to juicy ranges... I must stop thinking the worst of things!!!!! lol, lol

Happy new artificial beginning every one! lets hope this one brings us riches like no other.

PEACE, PEACE and lots of EMPATHY to everyone and specially those in power to share a little more of the loot(crg and friends)

Posted by GARIF - 12 years ago

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