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Secret Vitesse strategy leaked.....

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by a poster on the Yazoo board!

From fwsnail, who could be our own Deep Throat wrote this last night:

"I think the company plan is to keep doing reverse splits until there is only one share left and it is at least $4. Then, they will get that share, and the company re-listed."

All of CRG's decisions make sense to me now.

I am also starting to wonder, based on the volume and overall stock market concern if instead of finding and bouncing along the bottom with Vitesse that a complete share price collapse may not be imminent.

Though it got no play during what LMS correctly described as a managed CC the news is out Vitesse isn't going to get re-listed at any point in the foreseeable future. Whether sales will rebound is moot at this point imo. Vitesse just acknowledged that the last 3 plus years of financial and accounting work have been for naught.

I am going to have to think hard about simply admitting defeat (I already know I am a moron and PT Barnum was thinking of me when he said there is one born every minute) and sell.....even at this price.....and move forward.

Posted by altrfan - 18 years ago | Updated 18 years ago


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