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List of nominees for 2013 BOD

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DEF 14A was released today 1/15/13

Vitesse has a list of seven nominees for the 2013 Board of Directors. The seven nominees listed are also being recommended by the existing BOD.

Mathew Frey
Chris Gardner
Steve Hanson
James Hugar
Scot Jarvis
Ed Rogas jr.
Kenneth Traub

Frey and Traub are the two new nominees.

Frey, 43 is CEO of Optimum Energy LLC
Traub, 51 is President and CEO of Ethos management LLC.

Traub is being nominated by "insider" shareholder, William Martin.
William Martins second choice, Paul McWilliams, is no longer running for a BOD seat.

two existing Board members not running in 2013 are:
G William LaRosa
Grant Lyon

This filing also shows the Discretionary Bonuses paid for 2012.

CEO Gardner paid $75,000
CFO McDermut paid $28,500
Martin Nuss paid $26,438

Posted by christ3opher - 14 years ago | Updated 14 years ago


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if there is an intention to take this thing private we could all get messed over. Anyone know what the cost basis is for Ragin. It has been significantly reduced by his recent purchase at $1.75.

Posted by dlog - 14 years ago

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William Martins nominee for the 2013 empty BOD seat.

Kenneth Traub is president and CEO of Ethos Management and is also the Chairman of the Board for MRV Communications.

Traub seems to be a benefit to the shareholder. I have read numerous items where is has worked to unlock shareholder value.

Time will tell

Posted by christ3opher - 14 years ago

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Reading the "Traub" article gives me confidence.

Posted by phobos - 14 years ago

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excellent - -they moved the shm back - -talked ragin billy out of one of his picks - - a public reporter who then could not ever mention vtss - -and replaced with another more suitable candidate - - -they will all be elected - -vtss is not going private at this price - - - fat andy will be a shareholder thru his debt but will lose his power on the board after they pay off his secured note and his wholly owned convert - - -he can stay or sell -and he will stay for the interest payments and the $4.50 conversion - -

lotta negativity on this board is ok -but don't lose sight of the prize - -vtss will convert the oct 2014 debenture - -be debt free - - and will proceed over the $10 hurdle towards $ 20 in the next 2 years - -read my posts on "vtss is a great trading stock"

in the end, dr. martin nuss will be noted as the architect of chips at the core of 4G-LTE/Advanced (read that as 5G and the reason for the last 18 month delay). don't fret the value of amcc, mspd, mrvl, etc. they will be equalled and bettered by vtss performance from the $1.64 offering in the next 4 years.

to answer a ? ragin billy c. martin has 6,491,127 shares with cost of $13,961,818 and avg cost of $2.15 get as close to his cost as you can afford. our first hurdle is $2.50, which is in sight and also puts us above the 200 day avg with a golden cross of the 50 day and a weekly psar flip to green-- and Xs on the point an figure chart.

trade on - -

Posted by daWiley1 - 14 years ago

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