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Kopp adds another SC 13/DA: continues to BUY

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Kopp Investment Advisors has filed their second SC 13/DA within the past month.

June 28, 2013, Kopp is listed as now owning 3,770,319 shares of Vitesse Common Stock. This is 7.0% ownership.
at a cost of $26,785,365.49

As of May 29, 2013, Kopp was listed as holding 3,107,334 shares, which was an 8.3% ownership at $25,036,584.42

this breaks down to an addition of 662,985 shares of Common Stock, also trimming another dollar off his cost per share price which is now just over $7 share.

interesting to read the bottom of this filing, where individual transactions are listed. daWiley1 made a reference to this in earlier posts.

Posted by christ3opher - 12 years ago | Updated 12 years ago


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