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I've seen High School Football Coaches let go for less ...

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...or baseball managers who don't have their team where it should be at the All-Star break during their first season, whereas these guys are on their fifth straight losing season and the BOD just sits there and watches and listens to the flushing noises.

Hey BOD! Take a tip from baseball: When your pitcher can't find the strike zone, you walk out to the mound, ask for the ball, send him to the showers, and go with a reliever. It's just that at this point, even with the best closer in the league, you're going to need runs and you've got no power and no hitters anywhere in the line-up (and the fielding; don't get me started).

At least a high school football coach doesn't cost the team $300M+ in lost market value. (next week: U.S. Open inspired tennis metaphors).

Posted by LMS - 17 years ago


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