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One of 2010's highly honored product gets better

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“At EDN, we cover an amazingly broad spectrum of technology and our editors’ see compelling products throughout the year,” said Rick Nelson, EDN’s editor in chief. “While there were many worthy products, those selected for the Hot 100 not only stand out in the crowd, but also are those that we believe will have the greatest significance to the design engineer.”

As an investor I am most appreciative of the teams ability to use their R&D budget most carefully; they continue to extract every ounce of life out of products.
The Jag and its smaller twin have been turbo charged FOR LESS!!

Even more exciting! we will be able to pay bills from these products at much faster rate than ever before.

+ Money on hand to kill debt
+ Resourceful management(THINKING management)
+ Product time to market slashed to around 70%

Bash brothers I still cling to the belief that someday soon we will happily line-up to share hugs and kisses with the Vitesse crack squad. Please don't ill understand my use of crack.


Posted by GARIF - 11 years ago


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Carrier Ethernet bandwith projected to exceed 75% of total global business bandwith by 2017.

Posted by christ3opher - 11 years ago

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thanks chris,
Happy to know financial distractions are a thing of the past, no more apologetic confessions from Crg, our sales team should have a field day pushing the virtues of Vitesse solutions.

Chris: The answer, unfortunately, is yes. Over the last couple of years we've actually, I
think, done very well in working with our customers. I would characterize it as
probably 95 percent of our customers don't care or haven't really been aware. But
there's always a few that are looking, asking questions, getting quarterly updates,
etcetera. Almost entirely, we have dispelled those kinds of challenges and it's just
one more competitive barrier that we don't have to deal with anymore. It makes
life a lot easier. Is it going to amplify our design wins dramatically? Probably not.
But it will probably make those design wins a hell of a lot easier and a lot faster at
maybe three to five different accounts that have been a little challenging.

Q: Does it maybe also have any sort of impact in the size of programs you could go
after or not so much?

Chris: Yeah, that's a great question. And the answer is absolutely. In some of the
accounts that have been watching us a little bit, we get exactly that. We get to
play sort of in the tier two sockets. But would they put us with a balance sheet
problem in the biggest socket at the company? That's where they going to look
really hard. It's really a matter of energy that has gone into it. And over the last
two years it's been dramatically better than it was in the two years prior. We
expect the two years going forward to be a hell of a lot easier for the sales team
because of the strength of the balance sheet now.

Posted by GARIF - 11 years ago

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