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Vitesse and RubyTech Fast Track Gigabit WLAN Speeds For Mobilized Enterprises

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Posted by phobos - 8 years ago | Updated 8 years ago


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"To enable them to do so, Vitesse Semiconductor Corp. this week unveiled the SparX-IV 2.5G reference design, which includes a reference system, SDK, the Vitesse IC, and a 2.5G PHY. RubyTech is an OEM that delivers this, branded under the name of the customer’s choice."

Are the following some of our new customers? according to experts this 802.11 is happening FAST! is Vitesse cannibalizing this opportunity?;_ylt=AwrSyCSffhRU110AgDGTmYlQ

Vitesse removes "THEORY" out of the equation!

Helpful reading,

" It is conceivable that a client device will come out between now and wave 2 that will have that ability''
Isn't this what our CES solution is doing?

Early birds usually get the worms, WELL...

Posted by GARIF - 8 years ago

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