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MSCC gets a bargain

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as noted by Tech - -mscc has an office about 3 miles from vtss in Camarillo.

they also worked with vtss on the 1588 timing thru their sub Symmetricom.

they also employ vtss encryption in a new product. a 64Gb solid state drive with 256 bit encryption and anti tamper erase capabilities.

man they sound like they work for james bond and his bosses!!!
but that ain't all they are into: lots of products -

and check out all the companies that they have bought thru the years. . . .

now i gotta do some research on why they have 97MM shares out and they hardly trade 200k a day.
we are 11 minutes from my midnight edt deadline to tender.
VTSS offered an estimate of $51MM net cash by 2019 - -

i had it at $72MM by end of 2018 (oct 31, 2017) and CRG knew my estimates did not include IIoT or Storage. he laughed and said - -"only that much?"
i spoke last at the SHM and told them it was worth more than the base $400MM - -but the deal was struck

mscc got a real bargain. . . and they are very well positioned to capitalize on internet timing, switching, low power, error correction and most especially . . 256 bit encryption in silicon with no peer - -IIoT dare not tread without using mscc to guard timing and data - - i value that alone at over $400MM.
6 min to midnight edt.

Posted by daWiley1 - 10 years ago


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I am so confused! How does all this work?

I liquidated after the go shop because I thought it would stop trading. I bought some micro semi, then bought some VTSS back just in case. christ3opher says the deal closes on the 28th. When does VTSS stop trading? I think if we're holding we don't get paid until end of June and it's dead money for a couple of months.

Would you go all in on MSCC or is there still a chance VTSS could get a better offer? 1 year target's about 15% higher, but it would tank if they lost the bid.

Do they have a message board? Yahoo's only got one spam and nothing else.

I'm a 10 year lurker that's been averaging down the whole time and assumed it would go a couple more years and maybe hit $10 before it sold. I don't really have an exit strategy.

I posted a few years ago when I woke up and Ameritrade showed VTSS at $5.46. I thought this was another glitch.

PS. I think they bought Fairchild Semiconductor in Scottsdale too, but I don't see them listed. The buildings been empty for years, but I think that was Micro Semi.

Posted by uwave1 - 10 years ago

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